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Engagement Session Give-a-way | Seattle Tacoma Wedding Photographer

Engagement Session Give-a-way

In honor of our new site, we’re hosting an engagement session give-a-way!!  Who’s excited?! Well I know I am. The session give-a-way includes an hour and a half session with all of the edited photos in an online gallery – up to a $650 value!

Here’s how to enter:

+Like the post on Facebook or Instagram

+Like MMP on Instagram and Facebook

+Comment and tag 3 Friends OR comment on the blog post below your engagement story or session ideas

The best part about it all – the session can be GIFTED so if you know someone engaged, you can enter for them!


All submissions are due this Friday by midnight PST. The winner will be announced Monday, January 8th!

Entries are valid for Washington and Florida.

One entry is valid per person but the session can be gifted and friends/family can enter in your honor!

Good Luck!!

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Megan Montalvo is a Wedding and Elopement Photographer based out of the Olympia and Tacoma Washington. She offers Olympia Tacoma Wedding photography to surrounding PNW destinations such as Mt. Rainier, Lake Quinault, Snoqualmie, Snoqualmie Pass, Cle Elum, Suncadia, Leavenworth, Ruby Beach, Cape Kiwanda, Canon Beach and the San Juan Islands.

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  1. Heather Martin says:

    As a bride-to-be on a major budget crunch with a busy military fiancé, this giveaway is a serious blessing & HUGE opportunity for my future groom and I. My fiancé proposed on December 2, 2017 at the Point Defiance Zoo Lights event in Tacoma, WA. It was our second time going, after accidentally discovering it in 2016 and I was nothing less than thrilled that he had planned another trip this winter. Little did I know he had coordinated an engagement with my best friend and her daughter to witness and document the proposal. My friend had not been there before so I was excited to show them the magic of all the lights and animals! As we walked around the zoo, dazzled by all the lights, the rain had begun falling and we circled back to where we had begun our walk… a beautifully lit tree from the ground, up. We stopped to pose for a photo when I turned to grab my phone from my friend, I noticed my boyfriend still behind me… And there he got on one knee in the freezing winter cold, with the rain coming down, I walked towards him in shock as he took my hand and asked me to marry him. Christmas is by far my favorite, most cherished season so the lights and magic of our surroundings made for the perfect proposal. We even decided to wed in December of 2018, just one day before our engagement anniversary (is that a thing? 🙈).

    We would be honored and honestly shocked if we had the privilege to have our engagement photos taken by such a talented and visually gifted photographer! Both my fiancé and I are from California which is where we plan on marrying, so to have our engagement photos taken here in Washington would be a dream come true (and a stunning addition to our wedding where we’d display our photos). I can’t wait to follow what 2018 has in store for you Megan! & thank you for providing engaged couples this opportunity, as I’m sure many can agree hiring a photographer can be surely daunting! 🖤

  2. Shannon MacKenzie says:

    Karl and I met when we we were in college. Him and his friend Jessi decided to have a little get together with close friends to celebrate the beginning of their senior year. Jessi then decided she was going to invite the entire rowing team for our school, which I was a part of. Im not much of a partner and didn’t really want to go to the party but our coach had told us to spend more time with our teammates, so I went.I figured I would go for 30 minutes,make an appearance and then leave. I had just gotten out of a relationship that day and wasn’t really looking for a relationship, but when I walked into the party the first person I saw was my old roommate and she was talking to a really cute boy. I decided to walk over and say hi. My roommate could see that the boy, my now fiancé, was so enthralled with me that she left us to just talk. We talked the entire party and when it was time to leave I asked for his Facebook instead of his number so I could Facebook stalk him, haha. The next morning he invited me to go to the football game with him, and he even saved front row seats for me after practice. I told him at the game that I bet I could beat him at anything, include super smash bros. We went over to his place after the game to test that out. He won, but we stayed up until 4:30 the next morning just talking. The conversation was never bland, and we never ran out of things to talk about. We talked about the future that day. He was a senior, about to go to law school on the opposite side of the state, and I was a sophomore. Once he graduated, we would have to go long distance for two years. I believe it takes two really strong people to make long distance work, and we are very strong people. Karl stuck with me through one of the darkest times in my life, being on the rowing team caused me so much stress and unhappiness to the point where I had panic attacks every day. The fact that he stuck with me amazes me. He gave me strength to continue rowing, and then gave me strength to, a year later, quit rowing. We’ve been through a lot together, including illnesses in the family, disapproval from family members and of course, long distance, but I know that no obstacle is too big for us to conquer together.
    Over summer break I went home to Florida and he stayed home in Washington. There was never talk of “let’s see if this works” it was always “this HAS” to work. After the three months apart, we knew that we could make long distance work for another two years. When I came back to Washington from break he took me on a hike with Jessi and proposed. He didn’t want to lose me to long distance. We constantly visit each other, but I can’t wait until the day when we will never have to be apart again.

    This would be an amazing excuse for us to see each other again!

  3. Bre Johnson says:

    This is such an amazing opportunity! I just got engaged a week and a half ago to my man of three years. He’s amazing! We are both working on our Bachelor’s degrees, mine in Marketing and his in Biology, both working full time jobs AND planning a wedding! Crazy, right?!

    Our birthdays are exactly one week apart, we both come from large, close knit families, and we both have the weirdest sense of humor. We truly get eachother. I’ve never had that feeling with anyone in my life. I’ve known we were soulmates for awhile, but I’ve just been waiting for him to pop the question.

    After he proposed, he said he had been saving
    up for over a year to buy me the perfect ring. He said he told his mom he wanted to propose about a year ago and she was asking him for the past year asking him when he was finally going to do it. It was the sweetest thing. I am so truly happy to spend my life with a man like him and also be apart of his amazing family. He is truly something special! 😍

  4. Victoria Boles says:

    My life-long best friend’s boyfriend has been planning for a few years how to propose to her! Finally it is the right time for them and he has enlisted my help for the surprise proposal. They have been together for 5 years and they met when we were all in college together. Their fun friendship slowly turned into a romantic connection that they thoughtfully and carefully cultivated into a healthy and inspiring relationship. They are a dynamite couple – they light up every room they walk into! She makes everyone feel loved and understood, while he brings out a laugh in anybody he meets.
    I couldn’t be happier for my best friend to have found her person! I know, without a doubt, that these two are supposed to be together.
    Now that they are in the financial position to finally get engaged, I know that they will still remain frugal when it comes to traditional things like engagement photos and announcements. I would love to be able to present them with the opportunity to have professional engagement photos done! They deserve to soak up every moment of joy in this next step of their relationship!

  5. Joyce Cagnon says:

    I am a bride’s mother. So of course if we are blessed to be the recipient of this gift of her ngagement photo session, I/we would be forever grateful.🙏🏻My husband and I came together and blended our beautiful families in 2003. I had five children, four sons, and one daughter; and my husband had a son, and a daughter. Unfortunately we lost our youngest daughter on August 24, 2016. She was struck by a bus in Providence, RI. She was just 30 years old.
    We would love to give our daughter Erica the biggest, best wedding we can. And
    I have to say I am so proud of her for esearching and finding you to be their photographer.
    It is hard for us as we live in Rhode Island and she lives in the ever soooo gorgeous state of Washington.
    My husband and I are both Wounded Warriors as we are both retired from the U S Army. I was wounded in Afghanistan, and Iraq, and my husband was wounded in Iraq. So bring retired and injured, we are on a very fixed income, so giving our baby girl the most fantabulous wedding possible, the impossible she will still have a wonderful wedding.
    We were totally shocked when she called to say, guess what? Joe asked me to marry him. Tears everywhere. We were waiting for his feet to thaw and take that leap of faith and ask our beautiful daughter. When I asked him what he was getting her for Christmas he said he got her this portable fireplace that she had her eyes on at Costco! So random, right? I just kinda said, that’s cool. I thought I was gonna wet my pants when I found out the fireplace was a glorious engagement ring. At least he didnt call it a ball and chain…🤣
    Not being there to witness this enormous life changing event was bittersweet for us, however we are so very excited to welcome him into our loving, crazy family.
    I wish for our daughter, that she be chosen to accept your ever so generous giving of an engagement session. She will proudly display every photo taken. And I will be the lucky recipient of one of them.
    Thank you so very much just for the honor of being able to share a little of our story.

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