So you have a vision, you have a date and now it's time to design your dream elopement. As an elopement guide, we don't just show up and capture your day. We help you plan and craft your day from the start to make it more unforgettable than you can possibly imagine. This is the simplified version of our exclusive 93 page MMP clients guide designed to provide information and get you started prior to our face-time planning date! After booking, you'll receive access to our more in depth planning guide!

1. Dream Big.
Dream up what the best day ever looks like to you! Don't consider logistics - just how you feel, what you're environment is like and what are you doing?
2. Make the Big Decisions:
Where, Who + For How Long
3. Plan out Details:
Travel logistics, activities, wedding attire + gear
4. Create a Timeline
5. Getting Ready to Go!
6. Have the Best Elopement Ever!

get freaking


our exclusive client elopement guide will help you step by step!

considerations before beginning

- A rad BNB: One location that you walk out the back door to an adventure. 
- One Stop Shop: One general area outside of where you get ready to explore around.
- Driving Adventure: Hitting different key locations for an epic-photo adventure. 
- Hiking Adventure: Getting to a gorgeous spot on foot while taking in and enjoying locations along the way. 
- And of course, all the above / any combo. 

1. Timeframe: How long are we hanging? 
2. where Are we starting at where you're staying?
3. What adventure below sounds like your dream:

If you don't have a set location in mind or a specific viewpoint and/or hike, choosing a place to stay is a great place to start. The PNW offers some really unique Airbnb's and cabins that can serve as a great place to start your elopement. 

Keep the things in mind you want to do while you're visiting the PNW. Do you want to hike? Explore waterfalls? Relax by your Airbnb? Sometimes determining this first can help all of the other pieces come together! 

where to stay


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Ready for weddings photos that capture the true spirit of your relationship? 

LEt's do this.

Washington has a 3 day waiting period but you can apply online and have the license mailed to your home address. You can apply within 60 days of your wedding date.

1. Hire an officiant to perform a ceremony
2. Have a family member or friend get ordained and perform the ceremony.
3. Have a friend or family member perform a ceremony OR privately read vows and I can legalize your paperwork. 

ceremony details

Let's get married

The importance of your vows is even more so with an intimate ceremony. Check out a vow writing workshop that my fellow industry friend created below:


Seattle Area Application

Tacoma Area Application

Choose one of 3 options:

Marriage License:

Marriage Permits Are Required for
National Parks:


Mount Rainier

Olympic National Park

North Cascades National Park

We recommend submitting for permits at least 4 weeks prior to your event. Fees range from $40-$60 per park. General rules include: 
• Not impeding the activities of other park visitors.
• Modest decorations may be allowed (additional permissions required).
• The setting up of chairs, tents, or awnings is not permitted.
• Throwing of rice, confetti, etc. is not allowed.
• Leaving no trace and respecting protected fields

Love is meant to be an adventure!

- Gordon B. Hinckley

Whether or not you start in your wedding attire, totally depends on the day. Some clients wear and ride while others change by the car or once we arrived to the destination when hiking. You will want to wear something that integrates well with the environment we're in. Dresses that flow in the wind, are easy to hike in or that don't get caught on easily. I highly recommend fleece leggings under dresses and furs or shaws on colder days. Always prepared for a cold day especially if you're not getting married in July or August. Hiking shoes recommended for walking and any dress shoes you can carry along I still recommend being ones you're ok being on a trail with. 

Generally, here's how it works:
-If we're starting at your airbnb, wedding attire is on.
-If we're photographing at an easy to access location but it requires some driving to get to, arrive casual and change nearby. 
-If we're hiking and elevation is involved, hike in casual clothes and change at the top/destination. Attire can easily be carried by keeping in a gown/suite bag, folded over once and hung on the back of a backpack. Backpacks are also great for carrying flowers and other miscellaneous items for your ceremony. 



We've got recommendations for you


Partnering with a few high-quality, amazing vendors who can help bring your dream wedding to reality can absolutely elevate your experience and showcase your unique style. Hiring vendors isn’t necessarily about turning your day into a big production, but about getting some help so you don’t have to do everything yourself.

The most common vendors that couples hire for elopements & intimate weddings are florists, hair & makeup artists, officiants, chefs & caterers, and videographers.

If you have an idea and aren’t sure who to hire to help, just ask.

PREFER the cliff notes? 

All of these things are important and really they play a huge role in how I shoot, edit, and ultimately how the final images turn out. But at the end of the day, remember, I want you to be yourself! 


hair + Makeup

PREFER the cliff notes? 

This is a personal decision. Whether you have your hair and makeup done professionally or DIY, again, make sure you feel and look like yourself - keep it natural with a little extra pop for photos! Oh...and no oompa loompa spray tans! 

coordinate don't match

PREFER the cliff notes? 

I cannot say stress this enough. You do not want to be too "matchy-matchy." My best advice is to lay out your outfits side by side so you can visually see how they look together. 

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