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One of my favorite things about being a PNW elopement photographer is helping you bring your vision to life! And part of that is helping you find the perfect location for your elopement. So for those of you looking for an intimate PNW elopement with the convenience (and perks!) of a venue, here are 5 stunning venue intimate PNW wedding venue options.

Couple eloping at Emerald Forest, an intimate PNW wedding venue. Photo by Megan Montalvo Photography.

The Emerald Forest

I’ve had the joy of shooting several elopements at The Emerald Forest, and it’s easily one of my favorite PNW venue recommendations. It’s the perfect balance for having a cozy, intimate elopement with a ton of FUN! Located in Redmond, Washington, the treehouse, stunning evergreen forest, and beautiful lighting makes you feel like you’re truly part of a fairy tale.

Some of the finer details are that you can bring up to 35 guests, there’s a zip-line, and when you book a full wedding day rental you also get a night in the treehouse honeymoon suite!

Check out this blog on The Emerald Forest to learn more and to see if this is your dream elopement location. 

Willows Lodge

Willows Lodge is another great venue for an intimate elopement! With beautiful gardens, evergreens, and a gazebo, the whole venue is truly stunning. They also have options for catering and a spa if you’re looking to indulge in making your day as relaxed as possible.

I had the honor of documenting Courtney and Blake’s love story at Willows Lodge, and it has since become one of my favorite venues for an intimate PNW elopement. They also offer intimate elopement packages depending on the size of elopement you’re hoping for.

Fern Acres

Fern Acres is a stunning location located in Forks, Washington on the Olympic Peninsula. With a lawn and garden area that features gorgeous flowers, plants, and a waterfall, as well as an evergreen forest, this venue offers a wide range of beauty for your intimate PNW elopement. 

For more information on their elopement packages, check them out here. They have options for larger groups as well as groups with 30 guests or less if you’re hoping to have a more intimate elopement.

Treehouse Point 

Treehouse point is a fun and gorgeous elopement venue! They offer packages for intimate elopements of 20 guests or less. The booking also includes a night’s stay for you and your partner.

If you’re looking for something with the intimacy of an evergreen forest, the serenity of a river, and the unique beauty of a treehouse lodge, this would be a great option to look into.

Wallace Falls Lodge

Located in Gold Bar, Washington, Wallace Falls Lodge is a beautiful location for an intimate elopement of 25 guests or less (including the bridal party). The elopement package includes all the amenities of their full wedding package (even a private night in the lodge for all 25 people) , but at half the cost.

And one other fun perk about this venue is if you choose to go with their elopement package, you’ll get a lifetime 5% off discount if you ever want to use the lodge for a group vacation rental!

The beauty of having an intimate elopement is that you and your partner get to build the day just for YOU. Every detail can be just as you envision it, every dream you have for your day can come true… and that often starts with choosing the perfect venue. So I hope these five venues are a helpful starting point in your search!

If you’re not seeing the right one for you, one of the best parts of being an MMP client is receiving a customized location list based on your unique vision for your day. If you’re curious to know more of what that might look like for you, let’s talk soon!  

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