I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I was for this Mount Rainier Elopement. These two are complete gems and I knew whatever unfolded for their elopement at Mount Rainier National Park, that it would be beautiful. Their wedding day had the most unexpected weather I've experienced as a Washington elopement photographer, but these two greeted the experience with open arms and it turned out more beautiful than I could describe. From their private airbnb with lush forest and river access to the swirling roads inside of Mount Rainier and the snow-covered Paradise trails, these two had quite the wedding day! 

I arrived at their Airbnb in Ashford, Washington. We explored under the giant trees towering all around us. After their first look, we walked down to an opening behind their cabin with a beautiful mountain-surrounded riverfront. The rain parted briefly for us and resumed just as we began walking back. We took a few family photos, packed up, and entered Mount Rainier National Park through the Nisqually entrance. Is it ok that I can admit at this point that I was NERVOUS about their weather? We drove in straight fog half the way, which turned into sleet and then into snow. I just wasn’t sure what to expect given the forecast and well, even nature lovers wouldn’t choose sleet as their first weather option. I had confidence we would make it work and beautiful but I wanted Chelsea and Kyle to have the best experience for their day. 

Once at Paradise, we exchanged the rain and fog for snow and wind! But again, despite what was in front of us...Chelsea, Kyle, and their family all wanted to move forward with our hike. We made it up the skyline trail a bit and then found the perfect location for the ceremony. Just then, the snow stopped and clouds lifted giving us the most beautiful view of the mountains and Mt Rainier. The wind seemed to slow and the sky cleared. It seemed almost unnatural how the weather parted for us and I was so grateful that they got a view of Mount Rainier herself on their wedding day! 

As we were leaving, the snow picked up again, and once again, it could not have been more perfect. Weather can "only" dampen your day if you let it. I can't help but look at Chelsea and Kyle's vision and feel like it was everything and more than they could have hoped for, and it was an honor to be part of!

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