Why an Adventure Elopement Needs a Videographer: Capturing Moments Beyond Photography

There are so many reasons to choose an adventure elopement over more traditional weddings. Whether you love nature, want something more intimate, or are planning the best of both worlds, adventure elopements give you exactly what you want. Whatever the reason, you won’t regret hiring an adventure elopement videographer alongside your photographer. From complementing each other’s work to the specific artistry found in videography, adding on an elopement video will be one of the best decisions for your day.

Wedding Videography Complements Photography

Acknowledging the distinct roles of photography and videography is pivotal. While photography immortalizes individual moments, videography adds a dynamic layer. It captures the movement, the audio of the day, and the raw emotions painted across your faces. Together, they showcase a fuller canvas of your elopement day, enhancing the experience and compounding on the memories.

You won’t be able to visualizing until you see it in your video: that while a photo captures the exact first kiss at the end of the ceremony, a video will capture all of that and the moment you break apart, the look in your eyes as you see each other as married for the first time. In addition, while doing portraits, a videographer can encourage more movement in our poses which gives you not just a portrait session but a full experience together as a couple.

Creative Storytelling: The Artistry of Videography

Like any creative, wedding videographers are seeing your adventure elopement through their specific eye and lens. They’re not just thinking of still moments, but expanding to capture movement, speech, and all the in-between candid moments of the day that might otherwise be forgotten. And the creativity doesn’t end there. Once they get into the editing room, there’s more storytelling to be done in the shots they choose, in the audio moments they include, and in music choices that complement your wedding day.

See a film my team put together this year that we shot in Glacier National Park!

Long-Term Investment: Preserving Memories for Eternity

A professional video of your adventure elopement isn’t just a recording; it’s an investment in your legacy. It becomes a cherished keepsake. Plus, a time capsule that transcends years, bringing back the emotions, the joy, and the love that marked the beginning of your shared adventure. As time passes, this video becomes a treasure trove. It offers a glimpse into the love and passion that ignited your journey together. The videographer on my team said that the number one thing she hears from couples is that while the photos get printed and put on their wall, their videos are on repeat every day. It gives you such an amazing way to re-watch your moments in an artistic way.

Customized Wedding Videographer

I’m so excited to say that I’ve added videographers to my team for hire. That way, you know it’s someone I trust, someone I’ve worked with, and whose artistry I stand behind! I got frequent enough requests from my couples that I went on the hunt to add people to my team. And, starting immediately, you can add video to any wedding package!

Add Jaimie to your team!

In the world of adventure elopements, the addition of a videographer enriches the narrative. It elevates your experience to have even more comprehensive and immersive storytelling. Consider embracing both photography and videography to ensure that every precious moment of your adventure elopement is etched in time. Also, that it’s ready to be relived and celebrated for generations to come.

For couples seeking to immortalize their intimate adventure elopements, the harmony of professional videography alongside photography stands as a testament to the depth and beauty of their shared love story.

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