Glacier National Park Elopement at Pray Lake and Running Eagle Falls

Situated in the stunning landscape of Montana, Glacier National Park is an ideal location for couples looking for an intimate and unforgettable elopement experience. The park’s towering peaks, crystal-clear lakes, and exquisite waterfalls offer a picturesque backdrop for exchanging vows. We explored two of Glacier National Park’s enchanting locations, Pray Lake and Running Eagle Falls, for Shantel and Gerard’s wedding, which ws perfect for their elopement. Everything about the day complemented these two and their story. They wanted a gorgeous setting for their wedding while surrounded by their people, and that’s what we gave them!

A Love Story Amidst the Wilderness

Shantel and Gerard’s journey is a testament to the healing power of nature and the bonds forged through shared experiences. They met while working together at a free-standing ER. And, found solace in each other’s company during challenging times. As they navigated the complexities of their separate relationships ending, their friendship blossomed more profoundly. Nearly four years later, they stood together as they exchanged vows at Glacier National Park.

Choosing the Perfect Location at Glacier National Park

For couples like Shantel and Gerard, Glacier National Park offered an array of stunning locations for portraits and a ceremony. Pray Lake, with tranquil waters and panoramic mountain views, provided a serene and secluded setting for an intimate elopement. Surrounded by towering forests and rugged peaks, Running Eagles Falls was the ideal location for a first look followed by portrait session. And we even returned at the end of the day to show off the beautiful location to their wedding gues

One of the services I offer for any elopement is helping you figure out locations. It can be really hard to know what areas are going to provide awesome views, but thankfully with my extensive experience in elopements, I can help manage that! We will work together to find the ideal spots for you.

Exploring Running Eagle Falls Prior to Ceremony

What made Running Eagle Falls great for Shantel and Gerard’s day was the accessibility. That’s something to consider as you plan your elopement. How much do you want to hike, walk, climb etc to get where we’re going to take portraits or hold your ceremony. Running Eagle Falls is on a flat, well-maintained trail and is easy to get to. Almost any level of outdoorsman can access the area. It ended up being a great choice for this group!

A Glacier National Park elopement at Pray Lake and Running Eagle Falls are easily accessible locations with great rewards for views. For couples like Shantel and Gerard, whose love story was born amidst the wilderness, exchanging vows in the presence of towering peaks and cascading waterfalls is a fitting tribute to their journey together. With its breathtaking landscapes and serene atmosphere, Glacier National Park provides the perfect backdrop for creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

glacier national park sign
glacier national park hotel
flowers and bridal shoes in white painted brick fire place
diamond rings stacked together amongst rocks
bride is helped into her dress by mom and friend
grooms straightens tie
glacier national park lake
groom covers mouth in emotion as he faces bride during first look
groom smiles at bride during first look
bride stands in front of river with veil flowing out behind her
bride and groom kiss in front of waterfall
bride plays with dress in front of waterfall at glacier national park
bride and groom stand on rocks in front of waterfall
bride sits on rocks near water's edge
lake in glacier national park
groom waits lakeside for ceremony
bride is walked down aisle by two men
small, intimate ceremony lakeside in glacier national park
bride and groom hold hands
small group gathers for intimate ceremony at glacier national park
groom and bride hold bottles filled with sand
bride and groom kiss during ceremony at glacier natoinal park
bride and groom smile as they walk away from ceremony
small wedding group holds arms up in a cheer
groom holds brides face in front of prayer lake
bride and groom hold hands and walk along water's edge at prayer lake
groom holds bride from behind in front of prayer lake

If you’re planning a Glacier National Park elopement, let’s connect!

Also, check out this video created by a member of my team! Interested in adding-on video at your own elopement? Reach out and we’ll make it happen!

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